We Bought a House – FINALLY!

My husband, Josh and I, have been searching for a home for roughly 2 years! The area we are based in has had a booming housing market even through this crazy pandemic. We moved in a little while back and have been working hard to organize and plan upgrades on the house. We ended up purchasing a small (roughly 998 sq ft) home with 2 bedrooms/1 bath, a large living & dining room as well as a spacious kitchen. We got this home for a steal of a deal, which was our goal the entire time! The downside: it was dark, outdated and in desperate need of some cleaning. As soon as we moved in we got to work on cleaning and organizing and now we have been planning out our wish list for the home. The wish list includes, automating everything 😊, painting our retaining wall, replacing light fixtures, painting the front of the home, landscaping, and a full kitchen remodel.

As soon as me moved in we decided to tackle the crazy miss matched colors on our front porch (before and after below for comparison-can we say eww to those original colors?) and we honestly cannot believe the change it has made! I want to encourage anyone out there who is reading this that painting the exterior trim and door was a breeze! We choose multiple sample colors, painted our swatches, and even had the whole neighborhood take a look so we could get opinions (we have amazing neighbors). We ended up choosing a Sage green color that complimented the existing siding well. There is a supply list to home depot & amazon below if this is a project you are hoping to tackle on your home. Make sure to comment and share pictures of your home if you take on this update, I cannot wait to see it!


  • Paint Brush (I prefer Purdy brand)



  • Drop Cloth



  • Paint Tray



  • Paint Tape



  • Paint Roller



  • Paint

Paint color & brand is your choice, keep in mind that you do not want to go cheap on the paint!

-We utilized the Kilz Primer (because it is amazing) and we used Glidden Essentials Exterior Paint (both links below)



****Now as we consider what items to move onto next we have been trying to decide on a feature in the kitchen that we cannot seem to come to an answer on – WAINSCOTING. Here is the question I pose to all of you, to wainscot or not to wainscot HAHAHA.*****

6 thoughts on “We Bought a House – FINALLY!

  1. Congratulations! I can’t wait to follow your journey! I live in Baltimore and there is a tool library there that lets you borrow tools! So great. Finally, got a ladder to wash off the spray-paint splatter on one of my 3 skylights. So hyped. I purchased my house 2-years ago and am just “breaking the seal” now. Things take time 🙂 Maybe as you remodel your house I will inch along too.

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    1. Thank you, we are very excited! A tool library is the neatest thing I have heard, I am going to see if anything like that exists in my area. Skylights are absolutely amazing, I would love to have one at some point. Good luck with your projects! We hope to have more of ours posted soon 😊

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      1. The library is such a blessing. Without it I would be financially constrained.

        Very blessed for the sky lights. Apparently installation due since tune us sky view can be done DIY. A veteran homeowner did it.

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