Looking For Adventure After Covid? Here Are Our Top 5 Restaurants to try in New York!

My husband and I have done nothing but talk about travel since Covid started – we cant be the only ones right? We have been thinking more and more about returning to New York to experience the architecture, people and of course – the food.

New York is a restaurant city. Its neighborhood is full of Japanese, Korean, Thai, Albanian restaurants where you will find endless food debate options. It does not matter whether you are living in a small apartment or just in a room. Fine dining always gives space to the residents to gather outside their homes. 

So, you can have anything from pizza, pasta, ramen, sushi to pastrami if you are convenient with the big hall restaurant. Each restaurant has breathtaking views and adds a bounty of cityscape itself. It is full of skyscrapers views, Brooklyn Bridge, Central part, newly gentrified neighborhoods and unaccountably perfect for a family gathering, date, functions, or whatever might be the preference. 

Thus where to begin if I want to range top 5 restaurants in New York from low key to fine dining? Well, there is no clue, right? However, in this guide, I have accommodated the top 5 restaurants in New York to help you define what it means to eat in New York City with life and love.

Le Bernardin :

Le Bernardin first opened in Paris, and in 1986 it opened in New York. It’s one of the most fining dining rooms in the city, although it’s futile to declare any trendy restaurants in NYC. Being serving more than 30 years, it totaled up every accolade, including impeccable seafood to Sohm’s wine. Starting lunch from $90 and dinner from $180, you will see a range of amazing dishes. Don’t miss out on their seafood carpaccio and baked langoustines with foie gras croutons at any cost.

For sure, it will laps you beyond every other dish, and you will not find their end of the evening chocolate, bread, and rolls at any other coolest restaurants in NYC. Each dish in this restaurant is never drowned in and overpowered by strong ingredients. In fact, it’s a chic Persian-style separate lounge for which it’s called to be soigne. So, if you are a guest in NY, try to make a reservation at Le Bernardin or at least add your to-do list.

Dining at the restaurant: best restaurants in the city where you have a big dining hall in the front-row view.

Take out: it’s available on their website, and you can order via call.

Porter House Bar & Grill:

If you have a plan to stroll in the Central Park West area, particularly in the Time Warner Center, make sure to book a table for Porter House and Grill restaurant. Yet you know Peter Luger in Brooklyn and Palm and Smith & Wollensky are the two indigenous steakhouses, but Porter house is also has a top-quality slew in this high-end market. It’s a swank enjoyable, and sophisticated steakhouse where you can see a wonderful view of Central Park and Columbus Circle.

For lunch and dinner, Porter house has a large spacious room with leather banqueters and softly contoured furniture from where you can enjoy the maximum view of the panorama. However, the bar is only open from the evening to late at night, and you can have roasted marrow bones, New York strip, prime rib, wagyu beef anytime and make it most memorable.

Dining at the restaurant: It has indoor and outdoor dining facilities. Outdoor, you can enjoy a custom-built heated structure with a covered barbeque. 

Takeout: Takeout and online delivery are available through their website.


Delmonico’s first opened by a Swiss sea captain in 1827, and it was the first full-served restaurant all over America at that time. It was a quite novelty at that time like guests are served by French wine, they entered and exit through a nicely decorated revolving door, etc. from that time to till present, it has maintained its remnants in every era. It welcomes a big plate for everybody. With $45, you can get the “Taste of the Classics” plate, which is an extensive grill bar menu here. You will also find lavish chilled seafood called “chateau,” which is the signature dish in Delmonico’s big dining room. 

What else! Want to enjoy Delmonico steak, cheese stuffed with King size crab, macaroni, gargantuan desserts, festive baked Alaska, and puffed New York-style cheesecake? Order your table now in Delmonico’s

Dining at the restaurant: it has a tweaked style layout for extra space and a heated sidewalk where you can sit and see dine outdoors.

Takeout: Takeout and delivery is available through the restaurant’s website.

River Café:

Cue “Rhapsody in Blue” with lighted expanse arching way and moored dock only found in the River Café. Being located near the Brooklyn Bridge, these best restaurants, NYC 2021, first opened by O’Keeffe in 1977, are the awesome skyline of Manhattan. It is the cities most romantic dining full of music, a wine list, flowers, and decorated foods. Couples love to toast their most awaited anniversaries here, and the children come with their parents love to spend a lovey especial days with a bunch of food items in breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Dining at the restaurant: River Café is still called “New American Cuisine” and open for indoor dining. 

Takeout: All restaurant’s menu is available for takeout through the website or by calling.


If you are a fan of Italian food and want to see Manhattan’s Little Italy, come to the Bronx. Mario’s are the large restaurants for all devoid Italian residents located less than half a mile away from the New York Botanical Garden and 4 miles from Yankee Stadium. It’s near the Bronx zoo in Arthur Avenue street and famous for the best pizza, pasta’s, linguine with clam sauce, and chicken parmigiana.

Recently Mario’s celebrates its 100th anniversary, and no one left hungry on its special occasions such as birthdays, baptisms, couple dates, etc., it has become. 

New York restaurants open tourist traps for many foreigners, including Italians.

Dining at the restaurant: It offers an indoor patio with heaters, blankets, and hot cocktails to warm up.

Takeout: The takeout is available via their website. So, you can make a call and take away the food.

Final thought:

New York brings tourists for its world-class monuments, museums, theater, and shopping. Eating is also considered a hobby activity as it offers the most competitive and diverse restaurants in any corner of the city. So, whether you want to have a full plate of food or just sliced pizza, it will bring a new unforgettable taste to your life. During this pandemic, I hope you will find these top 5 restaurants in New York best spotted who ready to welcome you either outdoors or through takeaways.  

We Bought a House – FINALLY!

We Bought a House – FINALLY!

My husband, Josh and I, have been searching for a home for roughly 2 years! The area we are based in has had a booming housing market even through this crazy pandemic. We moved in a little while back and have been working hard to organize and plan upgrades on the house. We ended up purchasing a small (roughly 998 sq ft) home with 2 bedrooms/1 bath, a large living & dining room as well as a spacious kitchen. We got this home for a steal of a deal, which was our goal the entire time! The downside: it was dark, outdated and in desperate need of some cleaning. As soon as we moved in we got to work on cleaning and organizing and now we have been planning out our wish list for the home. The wish list includes, automating everything 😊, painting our retaining wall, replacing light fixtures, painting the front of the home, landscaping, and a full kitchen remodel.

As soon as me moved in we decided to tackle the crazy miss matched colors on our front porch (before and after below for comparison-can we say eww to those original colors?) and we honestly cannot believe the change it has made! I want to encourage anyone out there who is reading this that painting the exterior trim and door was a breeze! We choose multiple sample colors, painted our swatches, and even had the whole neighborhood take a look so we could get opinions (we have amazing neighbors). We ended up choosing a Sage green color that complimented the existing siding well. There is a supply list to home depot & amazon below if this is a project you are hoping to tackle on your home. Make sure to comment and share pictures of your home if you take on this update, I cannot wait to see it!


  • Paint Brush (I prefer Purdy brand)



  • Drop Cloth



  • Paint Tray



  • Paint Tape



  • Paint Roller



  • Paint

Paint color & brand is your choice, keep in mind that you do not want to go cheap on the paint!

-We utilized the Kilz Primer (because it is amazing) and we used Glidden Essentials Exterior Paint (both links below)



****Now as we consider what items to move onto next we have been trying to decide on a feature in the kitchen that we cannot seem to come to an answer on – WAINSCOTING. Here is the question I pose to all of you, to wainscot or not to wainscot HAHAHA.*****

2020-The Year of Quarantine & No Thanksgiving Get Togethers?

2020-The Year of Quarantine & No Thanksgiving Get Togethers?

Now for those of you who are hardcore holiday people…hear me out! This year has been a rough one to say the least. The holiday season is upon us and yet here we all are, stuck in various forms of lockdown going into these holidays. My husband and I have been talking about what we want to do for Thanksgiving this year and I know a lot of our friends and family have as well. As we were sitting on the couch talking about how all of our normal holiday events have been cancelled and what that means for us this Thanksgiving, we realized we were looking at it the wrong way. Instead of viewing this as a loss in our normal holidays we decided to look at it as an opportunity. Since our families are spread out across the country we knew getting everyone together was just not an option, so we started to brainstorm about other alternatives. I decided to share our thoughts on the holidays, Thanksgiving in particular, so others can use this information to plan for  their “altered” 2020 holiday season.

Below are our top ideas for Thanksgiving Alternatives.

  • Friendsgiving– If seeing your family is impossible this year either for Covid safety concerns or for lack of travel access Friendsgiving is for you! This option allows you to still have a small, manageable get together while avoiding a large group or any real travel needs. You could even prepare the traditional meal but in smaller amounts or enjoy a potluck style meal. We suggest a group of about 4-8 close friends to share this event with.
  • Neighborsgiving– If seeing family and friends is not an option due to concerns/safety issues but you are close with a neighbor or two, consider Neighborsgiving! Similar to Friendsgiving but once again accommodating more for availability, Neighborsgiving is a great way to spend a day! You can enjoy a potluck style dinner or once again provide a slimmed down traditional Thanksgiving meal. If you are not this close to any of your neighbors…..you are not alone, consider sharing food with any elderly or isolated individuals in your area. This can be a very lonely time for seniors in particular and Covid has pushed this even farther.
  • Couplesgiving– This is perfect for those who are away from loved ones and friends and those who are new to a city and have not had a chance to meet anyone in your area. Once again this can be as simple or complex as you would like. Make a homecooked meal, make a traditional meal or go wild and just make whatever it is that makes you happy at the time! Spend the day enjoying an extra special date night with your significant other.
  • Takeoutgiving– This one might be my favorite! Family & friends, neighbors, couples, or single individuals this is the one for you!!!! Go around to your favorite fast-food places and order a random assortment of foods (i.e.: tacos from taco bell, fries from McDonalds, Shakes from White Castle, etc.) and share with anyone/everyone who comes to celebrate. Not only do you still get to have a fun and special meal, but you also avoid all cleanup!
    • Our plan this year (since Covid is hitting our area hard) is to buy our favorite items from local places who will be open the day of or day before. We plan on buying a pizza or two, fried rice & crab Rangoon, Pho, Tacos & Nachos, etc. from some of our favorite little spots. We then get to enjoy the laid back holiday while still supporting small local businesses who have been struggling.

*Most importantly, stay home if you are sick and use your best judgment on anyone who you invite to your home or who you choose to spend time with in their home.*